The Man Who Noticed Everything

The Rumpus Interview

"A Friday of the Living Dead Nightmare" in The Believer — March 2012
An essay on horror movie franchises.

"Answers from the Dark" in The Believer — October 2010
An essay on the modern-day spiritualist movement.

"The Skin Thing:" in Electric Literature's Recommended Reading — February 2013. A short story.

"Lady Winchester Deciphers Her Labyrinth" in The Master's Review — October 2015. A short story.

"Fanny in Development:" in Volume 1 Brooklyn — October 2015. An excerpt from Shadows in Summerland.

"An Interview with William Friedkin:" in VICE Magazine — October 2015.

"The Dark Fiction of an Ex-Mormon Writer in The New Yorker — February 2016.