In Stores April 2016...
Shadows in Summerland
A Gothic novel of spiritualism and spirit photography on the eve
of the Civil War.  Check out the trailer!

Praise for Shadows in Summerland

“...a deeply disquieting portrait of 19th Century America... a fabulous and weird addition to the contemporary fantastic.”
— Laird Barron, author of X's for Eyes

Shadows in Summerland is an extraordinary novel certain to enchant readers of Sarah Waters as well as those looking for a thrilling and transporting gothic tale rich in atmosphere and unforgettable characters, dead and alive.
— Julia Fierro, author of Cutting Teeth

“Shadows in Summerland is a rich, strange, elegant novel of the supernatural, firmly rooted in the best of classic gothic fiction... A superb achievement of weird fiction by
a burgeoning master.”
— Michael Rowe, author of Wild Fell

...a witty and disturbing horror novel:
it's as if Henry James had written an issue of Tales From the Crypt.

— Bennett Simms, author of A Questionable Shape
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